In the sector of traffic management you can consult our team on topics like system analysis, data processing, plausibility and consolidation, traffic data analysis (load curves, cluster) and special evaluations with in-house tools. Above that we support you in preparing a tender for intelligent transport systems and traffic control centres and produce traffic management plans.

We offer the configuration and maintenance of the German VRZ-Basissystem as a service. Also we analyse and improve the offset time between traffic signals (offline optimization of green bands). We are delighted to support your research in the areas of navigation, ADAS and cooperative systems.

Within Schlothauer & Wauer GmbH (TRANSVER) our team is responsible for software utilities for data communication, performance control and support tasks. We retail software like 'Schulwegplaner', traffic signal offset time optimisation, queue length optimisation or InfraDB, our database for the documentation of TLS-technical infrastructure.



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