TRANSVER GmbH merged on 15/09/2017 with the SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER traffic engineering company ltd. The company SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER founded in 1991 is active as well in the field of planning and software solutions development for traffic signaling systems. Together, the experience and developments of both companies will be even better combined and employed.

TRANSVER will continue from its office in Munich its successful journey of the past years as an autonomous branch of SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER GmbH.

Simultaneously, the so far CEO of TRANSVER, Prof. Bernhard Friedrich ‘s leading of the company comes to an end. The executive directors of SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER, Mr. Tilmann Wauer and Mr. Wolfgang Höger will henceforth also lead the just formed fused company. We thank Prof. Friedrich for accompanying and leading the TRANSVER engineering company years long. He will remain available as an advisor and companion.


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